Context Magazine
Created by Paul Carroll, Pegeen Hopkins, Mark Maltais, Lisa Laing and an exceptional group of contributors, Context chronicled the early influence of the internet on business. As executive editor and occasional columnist for the magazine, I had a close up view of their talents.

We launched the magazine in 1997 with lofty aspirations, which we heralded by a name inspired by computing legend Alan Kay's aphorism "Context is worth 80 IQ points."  Through six years and 26 issues, as attested by an armful of awards, including being named a finalist for magazine industry's highest honor, Context lived up to our ambitions.

Here are some of the columns that I wrote for the magazine, follow by links to some of my favorite issues.  All of the issues are archived at
  • Unexpected Consequences.  Technology is producing surprises that may help your business--or smash it.
  • It takes a Village.  Companies focus too much on advertising on the web; in fact, community is the best commercial.
  • Design of the Times.  Five ways to win on-line.
  • Exposed.  Why the debate on on-line privacy is all wrong.
  • The Gathering Storm.  The next wave of disruption requires a shift from killer apps to killer platforms.
  • Platforms for Growth.  How adding communication technology to existing products can allow for innovative services.

Favorite Issues

Quncy Jones

Bill Gates

Ground Zero

Deepak Chopra


Colin Powell

Moore, Metcalfe and Coase


Final Issue

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