The Exchange is a unique community of forward thinking corporate executives from various functions and representing a number of industries.  Sponsored by DiamondCluster International, the consulting firm, it meets three times a year to seek breakthrough solutions to perennial business problems. The Exchange makes a bold promise to its members: each meeting will spark at least one breakthrough idea relevant to their business challenges.

At the heart of the Exchange are the DiamondCluster Fellows; inventors and practitioners with many distinguished accomplishments. Rather than the series of book promoting, "drive-by" lecturers that you typically see (and almost meet) at business conferences, the Fellows are part of the Exchange community. Rather than giving members "canned" presentations, the Fellows are engaged and accessible throughout each Exchange. They are a precious resource that few companies could otherwise assemble and, over time, become part of members' personal networks.

I started the Exchange in 1996 and directed it for a number of years.  I now chair the Fellows group and help direct its research.  Membership costs $45K per year, and is well worth it.   Membership is by invitation only, see for more information.

Some of My Exchange Cohorts

Alan Kay
Father of the PC

John Perry Barlow
Cyberspace Pioneer

Gordon Bell
Father of the Mini-Computer

Dan Bricklin
Inventor of the Spreadsheet

David Reed
Networking and Architecture Guru

Andy Lippman
MIT Media Lab

Marvin Zonis
Political Economist

John Sviokla
Exchange Director

Vince Barabba
Market Research Guru

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