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A Brief History

of a Perfect Future

A Brief History of a Perfect Future

A few years ago, my daughter Zoe saw me referred to as a “futurist” and quipped, “Well, I hope you adults don’t mess mine up.” Ever since, I’ve been working on this book, which tries to address just that: How can we “adults” build a future that we can proudly leave to our kids?

Chunka Mui

Futurist & Innovation Advisor

I help individuals and organizations pursue innovation at the intersection of purpose, advantage and societal need.

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A Brief History of a Perfect Future

“A positive and optimistic view of our future, grounded in science, technology, facts and the lessons of history. It is both inspirational and aspirational.”

Billion Dollar Lessons

“This engaging book demonstrates how even very smart people can make very bad mistakes—and how we can learn from them and so avoid the same fate.”

The New Killer Apps

“Delightedly fresh, insightful and downright useful. This is the best business book I’ve read in very many years. It absolutely nails how to and how not to innovate.”

Unleashing the Killer App

“A persuasive guide … all businesses have an opportunity to not just survive but to exploit dramatic changes wrought in their markets by technology.”


Engaging insight and essential tools to proactively embrace the future.


Aggressive yet pragmatic design and stress testing of innovation strategies.


Five books and hundreds of articles written about strategy and innovation.

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Chunka Mui

I’m a futurist and advisor on strategy and innovation trying to help invent the world we can proudly leave to my kids—and yours. I was born in Hong Kong, raised on the South Side of Chicago, and now live in (and zoom from) the Champlain Valley of Western Vermont.

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