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Chunka Mui

Chunka Mui, a futurist and innovation advisor, believes we stand at the forefront of the greatest personal and professional opportunity of our time. His optimistic work, captured in his latest book, “A Brief History of a Perfect Future: Inventing the World We Can Proudly Leave Our Kids by 2050,” dives into the immense possibilities of science, technology, and human creativity. This book is a roadmap to a future filled with health, sustainability, and prosperity.

With a career spanning several prestigious advisory firms, where he has advised hundreds of companies and studied thousands more, Chunka’s insights are rooted in real-world experience. At Diamond Management and Technology Consultants (now part of PwC), he served as a managing partner and chief innovation officer. At CSC Index (now part of DXC Technology), Chunka co-founded the Vanguard emerging technologies research program (now TTI Vanguard). His journey began at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), where he played a pivotal role in that firm’s Artificial Intelligence group and co-founded its Center for Strategic Technology Research (a precursor to Accenture Labs).

Chunka’s voice has resonated through the pages of numerous leading publications, including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and MIT Technology Review. His has co-authored four other award-winning books, including “Unleashing the Killer App” and “Billion-Dollar Lessons.” He also publishes the Future Perfect Newsletter, available via LinkedIn.

An MIT alumnus, Chunka’s academic background in computer science and engineering laid the foundation for his groundbreaking work. His life journey, from his birth in Hong Kong to his upbringing in Chicago, and his current home in the serene Champlain Valley of Western Vermont, informs the diverse perspectives he brings to his work.

Innovation and Strategy


A Brief History of a Perfect Future

“A positive and optimistic view of our future, grounded in science, technology, facts and the lessons of history. It is both inspirational and aspirational.”

Billion Dollar Lessons

“This engaging book demonstrates how even very smart people can make very bad mistakes—and how we can learn from them and so avoid the same fate.”

The New Killer Apps

“Delightedly fresh, insightful and downright useful. This is the best business book I’ve read in very many years. It absolutely nails how to and how not to innovate.”

Unleashing the Killer App

“A persuasive guide … all businesses have an opportunity to not just survive but to exploit dramatic changes wrought in their markets by technology.”