Chunka Mui

We Need A Moonshot For Diabetes Prevention, Part One: The Case For Action

About two years ago, my friend Tony lost three toes. The cause of this tragedy was type 2 diabetes, even though the disease is manageable and often preventable. Tony then fought a host of complications. Small wounds would not heal and became life-threatening. Another amputation was necessary, and more were a looming threat. Comorbidities, including infection, high blood […]

Climate Change Best Case Scenario: Save Millions, Make Trillions

If you’re looking to make a meaningful dent in the universe, few opportunities loom as large as addressing the root causes of climate change. That’s the case even if you don’t believe we’re facing a climate crisis, and more so if you do. This point was brought home to me recently by Dr. Jonathan Patz, a panelist […]

This Is Your Leadership Moment, Too. Here’s Your Biggest Challenge.

President Joe Biden faces a historic leadership moment. He’s not alone. You’re facing the same test. Whether you lead an entire country, giant organization, small team or work solo, your own leadership mettle is surely being tested by the shifting economic, political and social dynamics triggered by the pandemic and the chaotic (though, happily, not […]